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Benefits of the App

  • NO LIMIT to the number of notifications per day, per site.
  • ACTUAL LIVE site status provided 24/7/365.
  • Provides PUSH NOTIFICATIONS (receive/display alerts even when application is closed) in real time with no delay = MORE RELIABLE!
    • Services
    • Site status
    • Inbox - incidents & alarm activity event logs, messages & audit
    • Quick panic
    • Receive all notifications on alarm system - arm/ disarm, panic, alarm & all technical fault signals for example low batteries,
      mains failure and restoral, etc.
    • Additional MAC APP users
    • Holiday instructions
    • Self-testing
    • Do site broadcasts to other key holders
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Benefits of using Telegram

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a notification system that is instant, accurate and more functional. You will receive all video clips, alarm activations and notifications specific to your site, on your mobile phone as the incident happens.

  • No limit to the number of notifications per day, per site.
  • Receive all alarm alerts real-time with no delay (even when application is closed).
  • Receive all videos as it is uploaded in our control room.
  • Receive all notifications on your alarm system - arm, disarm, panic alarm & all technical faults, including low batteries, site power failure as well as when power has been restored.
  • More people can receive notifications by adding additional Telegram users to your account – This can only be done with your approval.
  • Have private conversations with other keyholders of the site.
  • 24hr Macado support with the Telegram app.

Request to speak to the technical department on Tel: 087 808 8888 / Email: for assistance in downloading the Telegram app and immediately start getting live notifications on all alarm notifications.

Example of Telegram in action:

Telegram Example
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